A while back we got the opportunity to do the closing keynote at the SAP Hybris GDPR event in Utrecht. Our story was titled: Stand Up to Stand Out – How to inspire action and showed the audience in a very entertaining and interactive way how they can convince their internal stakeholders of the importance of digital, data and change. A mindset and skills any modern day marketeer needs to master, because…

GDPR, digital transformation, chatbots,…for marketeers the daily reality of the fast and disruptive market we are living in. We need to transform to face the challenges of tomorrow. Only thing is…does the rest of our organization think in the same way? Humans are resistant to change, so how do we get them to embrace it. Digital transformation is great when everybody plays along, if not, it’s just a couple of marketers in a meeting room with an idea. 

We were so happy to receive so many positive comments from the audience and SAP, the best motivation by far for any talk or project. We were happy to hear SAP Hybris was so satisfied that we are joining their tour once again. This time in Antwerp at the Katoen Natie. Fun fact we are also hosting it at the same time 🙂

Also want to book a talk on the power of standing up and learning how to inspire action? Get in touch with Natalie and let us show you how you can express your ideas in the most powerful way.