When we saw the invite for the work smarter event Teamleader was organizing, we thought: Well of course we want to work smarter.
It was an inspiring day full of interesting speakers. Below the 3 that we remembered most and their main take-out:


Arnoud Raskin, with his StreetwiZe-project he helps to give children on the street the chance of education. He used his years of experience and learned how to put this attitude into a training model for professionals. If he can make it work on the street, why can’t we make it work on the work floor… so here are the 4 key drivers for his model :

  • Focus on positivity: go for the opportunity
  • Resilience & agile: learn
  • Pro-active and creative
  • Cooperative competition


An energized sales-guy that doesn’t take no for an answer, Michael Humblet. Years of sales experience made him the main guy to talk about the sales process. If you can’t close the deal, ask yourself the question: Why should the client buy NOW? Focus more on the customer buying journey, what’s the fine line between to sell or not to sell? Taking your client on a journey, because “not selling is the new sales” according to grand master M.


Last but not least, an entrepreneur that believes in a people first culture: Michel Falcon. It’s with the small things that you can beat the competition and he speaks from experience. Having his own hospitality company, which is a very competitive business. Micro-interactions, that’s where you can out smart your competitors, make sure every experience is worthy of a story. From the moment you “get into their home” you know you touched them because that’s where the experiences are shared.