We are proud to do regular work for Pepsico in Belgium and the Netherlands. Going from hosting their digital transformation days to giving a motivating keynote for their young high potentials on how to bring the best version of themselves to the table. This time Pepsico asked us to train their entire organization in personal branding and how it can benefit people’s careers. It was the kick off of their 2018 Pepsico Career Week. We were honored to do it and very happy that we anticipated 60 people spread over the two countries (seeing their was no obligation to attend), but ended up with over 150 participants. All eager to start building their personal brand and grow their careers.

We went from getting yourself the right mindset, knowing who you are, to having vision, setting goals and executing on them in the short and long term. All supported by strong networking and content that delivers value. Like with the bootcamps, reactions afterwards were again the best motivation:


Hi Marnick & Natalie, thank you for the great session today. I’m totally inspired and ready to start building my personal brand. I’m going to lose all the ‘but’s’ and really focus on my long term goals. Hope to see you again soon! Cheers Annelieke.


Hi Marnick, thank you for the session today. Was really nice to get some tips on how to discover my true value and how to show myself more inside Pepsico. Good luck with everything you do! Alessandra


So much food for thought. For me this session was really powerful. Anna