The best way to start improving your internal and external presence as a professional is diving into one of our How to inspire Action-bootcamps. We did these in-house sessions for over 100 companies in the last 2 years in more than 10 European countries. We also like to offer the opportunity to a broader range of professionals to attend these days. Those are the public bootcamps, where people can join at a friendly rate and start transforming themselves, the way they communicate and inspire themselves and others into action. We are very happy to see that so many have again joined us in the last couple of weeks and the feedback we get afterwards is the best motivation to keep going.

The bootcamps are currently rated at an average of 9.4/10 and the results people are getting are probably even higher:


Hi Marnick & Natalie, super thx for the great training. I’m inspired! Can’t wait to start implementing it. You rock! Thx and see you soon! Enthusiastic greetings. Tom


Hi Marnick, just gave my speech in Denmark. I had the bootcamp insights in the back of my head the entire time. Communicating forward, owning my story and involving people in my examples. Afterwards people came up to me to thank me for my talk. So I’m a happy man and know I will return to Denmark next year. Thanks a lot! Ron


Hi Marnick and Natalie, super thx for your guidance and coaching in helping us shape our workshop. I learned so much! Big thx. Cheers. Wesley