On the 3rd of October and the 19th of November we hosted our last open storytelling and communication bootcamps in Hasselt and Antwerp. One full day of training at an awesome location to work on your communication skills. These open bootcamps are there to allow people to experience our in-house trainings without having to mobilize their entire organization. A way to get to know Stand Up Company and the way we work, while networking with other like minded professionals. We practiced speaking with impact, listening to understand and moving like a pro when talking to people or standing in front of a group.

For the Hasselt bootcamp, we did something special this year. We named it “Gebrand op Success” and combined our training with our love for specialty coffee. Our coffee partner Monx Coffee Roasters was happy to host the training in their lovely and cosy coffee factory. Because of the success and the great feedback from the participants, we already pinned a new date for the second edition on the 6th of February 2020 (Dutch spoken).

Interested in joining? Check the video below or find out more on the bootcamp page.

#standuptostandout #gebrandopsucces