7 steps to owning your story

7 x 3h sessions + follow up - in house or on location - one on one - English or Dutch

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Discover the power of knowing who you are, finding your voice and being able to inspire yourself and others into taking action, from small groups, online to cheering crowds.

Training & coaching in this area is vital to any professional or leader. It can speed up your career, improve your leadership skills, unlock budgets and board approval or help you build your personal and corporate brand as an expert or thought leader in the market.


Professionals and leaders that are looking to step out of the comfort zone, grow in confidence and search for the most powerful version of themselves. People that want to better communicate, speak, listen and connect and stand out from the crowd in an authentic and powerful way.

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2. Roadmap

3. Take off

What you will get

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Follow up in between

Stand up book

You have a small/medium sized business in Flanders, Belgium? Great, then you have the opportunity to use the KMO portefeuille for your training. Check out our KMO portefeuille page to learn more. Stand Up Company bvba – VAT: BE0687.653.091 – KMO P. licence nummer: DV.0228214
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