Marnick Vandebroek

Storytelling & inspiring action

About Marnick

What I believe in

In this digital world everybody is connected and there are more companies and people chasing their dreams, aspirations and goals than ever before. How do you stand out as a person or organisation in this overload of content, opinions and information? Well, by standing up! Standing up doesn’t only mean you have a love for stand up comedy or you just got out of your lazy chair 🙂 Being stand up also means you are genuine, authentic and trust worthy towards yourself, customers and audiences.
The internet opened up opportunities for everybody. The opportunity to choose, to ignore, to speak up, to share,… In this world only the companies and the people that bring the best, most entertaining and authentic content will stand up and make a difference.

So next time you walk into a strategy meeting, present to a group, give a sales pitch, publish content on your brand’s Facebook page,… Ask yourself: Am I rocking the hell out of this?


Who I am

I started my career on the agency side of things to evangelize the world of internal communications and employer branding. After a few years the digital evolution kicked off and I was drawn more and more into the online world, to eventually land at the client side. I switched to Pepsico as a Social Media Manager and quickly worked my way up to Digital Manager, to finish as Sr. Digital Manager Benelux in 2016. Now I run my own Stand Up Company, my own life and I’m loving every minute of it.

History will be kind to me for I intend to write it – Winston Churchill

On a personal level: 32 years old, happily married, blogger/vlogger, love doing stand up comedy, drawing and pumping iron in the fitness like Arnold Schwarzenegger.


What I do

I help organizations and people in general, to tell their online/offline stories in the most attractive and entertaining way and transform their businesses by finding their purpose and shaping it into a story people will want to hear and will get inspired by. Not by calling out buzz words, but by cutting through corporate bullsh*t and getting things done.

Sell a person something and he will remember you, teach a person something and he will be forever grateful