Ad hoc one on one training

1 to 3 hour coaching - in house or via video chat - English or Dutch

Book Session

Busy agenda, but an important meeting, pitch or keynote coming up? In need of sound board concerning your story, someone looking from a different angle your call to action or some tips on the way you will bring it? Book one or more short sessions from 1 tot max 3 hours and get our support when it suits your need and agenda.

What can you expect


1 to 3 hour personal coaching sessions that fit your agenda.

Video or live

Choose if you want us to come to you are video chat will do.


It doesn't always have to be full day training sessions. One or two short personal coaching sessions can often already make a big difference. Your time, your pace, your location.

Follow up

Had your meeting, pitch or speech, tell us how it went or send us a video of your big moment and we will get you some instant feedback so you can keep improving or use in future sessions or trainings.

You have a small/medium sized business in Flanders, Belgium? Great, then you have the opportunity to use the KMO portefeuille for your training. Check out our KMO portefeuille page to learn more. Stand Up Company bvba – VAT: BE0687.653.091 – KMO P. licence nummer: DV.0228214
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