Let's create the most STAND UP version of YOU

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Spend a full day with Natalie & Marnick in a great location away from the daily routine and focus entirely on creating the most stand up version of you. So you can inspire others and express yourself in the most powerful way. How to get your energy level up, boost your confidence, get an instant connection with people & understand the flow of any good story that is able to inspire yourself and others into action. Let’s do this!


Professionals that are looking to…inspire their team; rock a stage; convince their next big client; communicate better with their peers or just want to step out of their comfort zone & build confidence.
In short, anyone that is looking to STAND OUT in their life or career.

What you will experience

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You can only convince or lead others if you believe in yourself first. Energy, confidence & getting yourself in the right mindset.

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Trust & Attention

Communicating with other people offline and online starts with earning their trust & attention. Without it, you might aswel be talking to a wall.

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Deep listening

Listen not to answer, but to understand. People say a lot, but what do they really mean. Often the solution to something is already present in their own words, you just need to hear it.

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Motivating, inspiring or leading people starts with listening, but is followed by getting your own message across in the right way. How to tell a story, speak with power & add entertainment to your words.

Mmousse Canal House

Krom Boomssloot 8 - Amsterdam
10min walk from the central station, underground parking nearby

What are we going to do?

Well, you’re not going to sit a lot.. because you can only become better at something by actually DOING it. This is why we keep the group to a max of 25 people, so we can give all participants an intense experience!

9u – 9u30
High five & welcome


 9u30 – 10u30
Boosting your confidence & presence

 10u30 – 11u30
Making a connection & building trust

 11u30 – 12u
Deep listening & interaction

 12u – 13u

 13u – 14u
Creating context & finding personal value

 14u – 15u
5 principles of every great story

 15u – 16u
Going out with a bang

A word from our last survey

92% average participant satisfaction score & proud of it

If only everything in this world would be as positive and energetic as this day.

Sceptic at first, but tried it afterwards anyway and landed a major deal because of it. Thank you!

From fearing a large group, to eager to stand in front of one. That in just one day, impressive!

Next edition Q1 2019.

Early Bird (until 31st of August 2018 23:59)

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Regular Ticket (from the 1st of September 00:01 until 14th of October 23:59)

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Last Chance Ticket (from the 15th of October 00:01 until 24th of October 23:59)

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