Video, vlogging, visual storytelling

1 full day training - in house - max. 15 participants - English or Dutch

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“87% of online preferred content is video. How much of that percentage is yours? Let’s get you in front of a camera.”

Spend a full day with Natalie & Marnick at a location of your choice. Get away from the daily routine and focus entirely on creating the most stand up version of you in front of a camera. Step out of your comfort zone together with your team. Discover that making a video isn’t that hard or expensive and that it’s great fun. Let’s create your first video’s together, shape your visual story and help you make the camera and lighting your best friends.


Professionals that want to learn how to tell their stories online and visually engage their audience. That want to learn how to love their own voice, move in front of a camera, how to build an engaging video and how to use it for their own branding or that of their product. Let’s have some fun. 1,2,3…action!

What you will experience

Camera Presence

Telling a story in front of a camera is quit different from telling a story in a meeting or on stage. The camera expects more of you. Learn how to move, look and present yourself.


On mobile you will get 5.7 seconds, on desktop 16.7 seconds. That is how much people will give you to convince them to keep watching. Let's give you the attention grabber you need.


Every message you send, using whatever tool, needs a good storyline. How to come up with the perfect flow for short snappy video's or longer formats and keep people engaged.


You can only learn by doing, so time to get yourself in front of the camera and start having fun.

What you will take home

Love for video

After this day you will have experienced the power and positive impact speaking has on yourself and your audience. It will become an addiction.

Key Insights

You will receive an overview of all key insights mentioned during the day that will help you afterwards to keep working on your online storytelling, personal branding and video making.

Your own video

At the end of the day you and your team will have made their own first video around a topic of your choice. Will the video already win you an Oscar, probably not, but it will be a very fun test and benchmark for you to start from.


Making video isn't only good marketing or branding, it's also a lot of fun to make. Only think of the great number of bloopers you and your team will have. This session is not only good for your video skills, but in general a good for the team atmosphere.

What are we going to do

Well, you’re not going to sit a lot.. because you can only become better at something by actually DOING it. This is why we recommend the group to a max of 15 people, so we can give all participants an intense experience! Timings are indicative, you are able to decide what flow of the day fits best. 

9u – 9u30
High five & welcome


 9u30 – 10u30
Camera personality and getting comfortable

 10u30 – 11u30

Writing a script and building a good story flow

 11u30 – 12u
Grabbing attention in the first seconds

 12u – 13u

 13u – 13u30u
How to start filming

 13u30 – 16u
Making your own video

 16u – 17u
Video showcase & awards

A word from your peers

The best motivation a speaker can get is positive feedback from the audience

“We want to thank you for an amazing training. The sentiment up front was indeed, here we go again, another training. That changed immediately. Everybody was full on energy & enthusiasm. We are going to recommend you to everyone of our clients.”
– Maxime P, Sales Consultant, De Pooter Staffing Services –

“Just did my presentation in Denmark. In the back of my, your bootcamp. Moving forward, owning your words and involving people in your examples. People came to me afterwards to thank me. So I’m super happy and I’m sure I will be going to Denmark again next year :)”
– Ron H, Product manager, Topdesk –

“Hi Marnick, super thx for the great training. I’m inspired! Can’t wait to get to work. You guys rock!”
– Tom B, Managing partner, Seven Days Digital –

“Hi Marnick & Natalie! You guys were GREAT last Wednesday.
Everybody is talking about it at the office :)”
– Ilse P, Marketing Manager, Ordina Belgium –

You have a small/medium sized business in Flanders, Belgium? Great, then you have the opportunity to use the KMO portefeuille for your training. Check out our KMO portefeuille page to learn more. Stand Up Company bvba – VAT: BE0687.653.091 – KMO P. licence nummer: DV.0228214
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