Natalie Vandergraesen

Creating experiences & bringing your vision to life

About Natalie

What I believe in

I believe that every company, team or professional can only truly grow and make a difference in this world and it’s business, if it takes the time to ask the question: “Who am I and what do I believe in?” If the answer to this is clear, gets you excited and gives you the feeling of ‘why didn’t I think of this before, it’s so simple, so right’. Then you have found the purpose, the why, or whatever you want to call it, that will motivate, inspire and guide you, your team and your entire company in the right successful direction. You can start working towards a clear goal with a big smile, you can make decisions more easily and it will attract other likeminded companies or people. It can give you strategy, KPI’s, values,… but it can just as well be as simple as banning all plastic cups in the office, because you tend to save the environment with your products, but forgot to sweep your own doorstep. Or taking extra good care of pregnant employees, because family is one of your core values.

Having a purpose will result in clarity. The small efforts day in and day out that practice that purpose will result in success.


Who I am

I spend 8,5 years in the retail business as a buyer. I traveled the world (Asia, Europe, India,…) and got the chance to experience every aspect of the fashion industry, its way of working and its culture. A world where hardcore trading & sales meet creativity, style, imagination and dreams. It taught me how to lead teams from different backgrounds, cultures & how important it is to know who you are as a company. Because if you want people to wear your brand, they need to be able to identify themselves with it, experience it in every aspect. Bringing identity, creativity and results together is what I love to do. Only this way customers, employees and businesses can shine. Also in my spare time I love to uplift my own identity and those of others through experiences by make-up art, styling, fitness, handwriting, reading and travel.

Be a flamingo in a flock of pigeons


What I do

What I do is pretty simple once you know why you want to do it 🙂 People are craving for clarity in this world of too much information. People are looking for experiences in this world of preaching and claiming. Whatever your story, I will make it come to life towards your customers, employees and suppliers, by installing everyday easy to implement experiences that will put a smile on all our faces.

Be the reason someone smiles today