Personal Branding program

3 full days training - in house - max. 15 participants - English or Dutch

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“Don’t be an echo, be a voice. You a personal brand by default or design. Let’s make the latter.”

Spend a 3 full days with Natalie & Marnick at a location of your choice. Get away from the daily routine and focus entirely on creating the most stand up version of your personal brand. Discover who you are as a person and professional. What are your goals, values and what is your purpose. Know yourself and start building your story, so you can turn it into strong content and eventually a personal brand. A brand that doesn’t boast, but boosts you, your career and business.


Professionals that are looking to…stand out from the crowd by finding out who they are, what they want and how they can get it. That want to develop their personal brand and are looking to elevate their career or want to grow their business.

What you will experience

Day 1: Who are you?

Who are you? What do you love? What do you want to achieve? Building a personal brand starts by knowing what you stand for and where you want to go. During this day we will discover the answers to these questions in a fun and interactive way.

Day 2: Building your story

Once you know who you are and what you stand for, you can turn it into a story. A strong pitch for yourself, your business and career development. During this day, we build that story and show you how best to bring it according to our 5 principles of every great story and trust building communication techniques.

Day 3: Video & Social media

You know what you stand for, you have your story, now time to turn it into online content. What value are you bringing to the table and how are you going to communicate in an inspiring and entertaining way. During this last day we will show you how to make great videos, content and spread it on social media.

What you will take home

Your who

You will receive the foundation of who you are as a person. We will help you find out what you want, what your goals are and what can be the value of your brand.

Your why

We will help find your purpose. This can change overtime, but knowing where you want to go and why you are doing it will inspire others and you.

Your what

We will help you build and tell your story so you can use it online, during networking events, on stage or pitching to an investor or future employer. Your brand story.

Your how

Making your own content, videos and using social media as a powerful tool to build your brand and network in- and outside your company.

A word from your peers

The best motivation a speaker can get is positive feedback from the audience

“We want to thank you for an amazing training. The sentiment up front was indeed, here we go again, another training. That changed immediately. Everybody was full on energy & enthusiasm. We are going to recommend you to everyone of our clients.”
– Maxime P, Sales Consultant, De Pooter Staffing Services –

“Just did my presentation in Denmark. In the back of my, your bootcamp. Moving forward, owning your words and involving people in your examples. People came to me afterwards to thank me. So I’m super happy and I’m sure I will be going to Denmark again next year :)”
– Ron H, Product manager, Topdesk –

“Hi Marnick, super thx for the great training. I’m inspired! Can’t wait to get to work. You guys rock!”
– Tom B, Managing partner, Seven Days Digital –

“Hi Marnick & Natalie! You guys were GREAT last Wednesday.
Everybody is talking about it at the office :)”
– Ilse P, Marketing Manager, Ordina Belgium –

You have a small/medium sized business in Flanders, Belgium? Great, then you have the opportunity to use the KMO portefeuille for your training. Check out our KMO portefeuille page to learn more. Stand Up Company bvba – VAT: BE0687.653.091 – KMO P. licence nummer: DV.0228214
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