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Helping you tell your brand story, bring a change message or express your company culture. Whatever idea you want your peers to get excited or passionate about, we will help you bring it in the most inspiring way.

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Does your team need to step out of their comfort zone? Do they need to increase their performance, creativity or are they looking for a way to better express themselves? Then it's time to start training.

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Looking for an inspirational talk on storytelling & how to inspire action? In need of a motivational boost or somebody to host your event or facilitate your next team day in an energetic and entertaining way? Time to talk.

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Motivating people is powerful, but when the motivating factor leaves, it's mostly back to old habits. That's why we believe in teaching & inspiring leaders in our communication & storytelling tactics, so you can keep doing the same for your team long after we left your company.

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Brand Story Design

Brand storytelling

Are you spending a lot of time on figuring out what your company stands for, believes in and what its values are? Or have you got it on paper, but don’t know how to communicate it to your workforce and how to bring these inspiring words to life. Let us help you shape and tell your brand story.
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Project Implementation

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Driving an innovation project, planning to digitally transform your business? Making people aware is step one, getting people on board and having them embrace is step two. Both are probably the biggest challenge you face in successfully landing your efforts, so let’s make sure people are cheering instead of fearing it.
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Content Management

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Organizing a strategy day, your annual company event or a big meet up with clients, the one thing you want on those occasions is strong speakers, good content and a great experience. Let us help manage your content & program, getting your speakers to the right level and make sure the audience experience is in line with your vision, subject & culture.
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Keynote speaking

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Storytelling, How to inspire action, Content marketing or a Motivational speech. We will rock your stage and offer an action & value packed performance that will inspire and entertain your audience. 92% average audience satisfaction score & frequently honored with best talk of the conference.
30-60min in Benelux: €1500 (excl. vat)
30-60min outside Benelux: €2500 (excl. vat)

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Workshop facilitation

workshop facilitatie

A workshop is only effective when it’s well organized, fun, interactive, entertaining and insightful. Let’s give your team, group or company the best possible learning experience. Take the lead and let us support you or let us take the wheel, so you can participate 100%.
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Event Hosting

marnick hosting

An event with only good food, drinks & people is a restaurant, add awesome content, a host that will rock the stage and will give every speaker a warm audience and you will have yourself a show.
Half day in Benelux: €1500 (excl. vat)
Full day in Benelux: €2000 (excl. vat)
Full day outside Benelux: €2500 (excl. vat)

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