Change, innovation or digital transformation project, no matter what your goal is, you will need your teams to adopt a new way of working, implement a new strategy or see new opportunity. Whatever your message, we will make it simple, tangible and actionable for any target audience and help you communicate it in the right way.

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Belron (Carglass) Employer Branding video - Making a difference

Belron asked us to create a corporate movie for them that could serve as a way to thank their employees, to put them in the spotlight and have them show their friends, family and potential investors what the company is about and how amazing their new workplace is. It had to be a story, a video that not only shows the company, but triggers emotion. Feelings of pride, recognition and gratitude. We could come with any proposal, but the golden rule was: no actors, no external assistance, their own employees needed to be the stars of this video.

The result of this employer branding video: hilarious training sessions getting the employees ready; a massive collaboration and effort from the workforce; a Whatsapp group that exploded with gratitude and pride throughout the creation and a bunch of emotional leaders, politicians and co-workers when the result was shown. The power of this story or video isn’t in the video itself, its true impact was felt in the making of it. Camera-work and editing: Studio Belvedere

Teamleader Q Fold Ups - Content management & coaching

Jeroen De Wit CEO Teamleader

Teamleader has been a long time client for us and has believed in our company and work from the very beginning. We are grateful for their support and that besides the regular coaching and training of their employees throughout the year, we get the chance to collaborate with them on a larger scale. The Teamleader Q Fold Ups are the big get-togethers for all Teamleader employees from every country, to meet, learn, get updated on everything new and have fun. We were asked to help the Teamleader managers and leadership to determine, shape and structure their messages, their workshops and how people should experience them at the Fold Up.

From brainstorming, advising, coaching to on site support. Together with the Teamleader event-team we turned this company event in an experience where positive and difficult messages of change where brought in such a way, that people walked away inspired, informed and motivated.

Pepsico EU Personal Branding & career development training courses

Pepsico Personal Branding training course

When Pepsico asked, after 3 successful personal brand and career development workshops to extend the training to multiple teams across Europe, we were very excited. The only challenge we had, was that all these trainings had to be given simultaneously. Seeing that wasn’t possible, we proposed to turn our workshop into an interactive video with manual, train the trainers in each country and show them how to facilitate the workshop with the video, the manual and the exercises.

The video-training was a success and multiple Pepsico teams around Europe were trained in how to be a voice inside the company and make their career a success story through strong communication and networking. We trained them all, without leaving our office.

Carglass Roadshow 2018/2019 - Content management & coaching

EDC Carglass roadshow belron group

To inform their employees of the new strategy, projects and changes in the coming year, Carglass did a roadshow in the beginning of each year for their employees and their families. A fun morning at the movie theatre, with breakfast, animation, information and a great family movie. While To the Point events was responsible for organizing the event, we were responsible for training the leadership team in bringing their messages in the right way.

We coached them, did dry runs on site and linked certain key moments in their presentations back to the event team so they could enhance the experience on stage. It went from a moment of informing the employees to a fun, insightful and entertaining company moment.

Stad (city) Beringen New Workspace - How to see opportunity in change

Stad Beringen nieuw gemeentehuis

After decades of working in the same building, it was time to build and move to a brand new location for the administration team of the city of Beringen. New ways of working, new environment, changes for the better, but those can still be scary, unclear or seen as unnecessary by the employees impacted. The move-team asked us to help organize and facilitate the kick-off day of their change project and help shape the ways messages where brought, feedback was collected and how negativity and scepticism versus the move was transformed into seeing opportunity and enthusiasm. We started out with a lot of ‘but this, but that, it can’t be done, this is scary’ and ended with a complaints board with just 3 messages. People will always fear change, it’s in our nature, but use the right stories and experiences to inform them about that change and what the value will be for them and people will embrace it. That’s what we did for the City of Beringen.