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Today my colleague and me gave our big closing keynote on the importance of CSR within business at the Retail conference in Brussels. We received so many positive reactions afterwards. Some people even called us the best talk of the day. Thank you so much for the guidance and coaching.

Ann Claes, Chief Buying Officer JBC & winner CSR professional 2018

Super thank you for the wonderful training. I think I have never learned and picked up so many communication and speaking insights in one workshop. Thanks!

Eveline Vrolix, Project Manager Yappa 

Marnick, Natalie, you were great last wednesday. Everybody in the office is talking about it!

Ilse Pauwels, Marketing Manager Ordina

Just finished my talk at the internal Topdesk conference in Denmark. In the back of my mind the insights from our last training. People came to me afterwards to congratulate me and to thank me for sharing my story. I’m super happy and will probably return next year.

Ron van Haasteren, Global Cultural Strategist Topdesk 

Having had Marnick as a speaker at Markencamp in Dresden was an absolutely pleasure. He’s a very fine guy, nice and interesting to talk to and rocking the stage! Me and the 150 participants loved his talk – or better his “performance”.  If you need a speaker who will rock your stage, give him a call!

Stephan Johland, CEO Heads & Founder Markencamp

Super thanks for the awesome training. I’m truly inspired! Can’t wait to start putting the insights into practice. You guys rock!

Tom Buelens, CEO Seven Days Digital

During the Mondelez Media Away Day we asked Marnick for his contribution. As Marnick has the same background as most of the marketeers at Mondelez and a passion for innovation and transformation, he was the right person for us! It was a 30 minutes stand-up full of energy and passionate talk. Marnick received one of the highest ratings from the marketeers! We were very happy we invited him!

Gillian Ydema, Group Client Director Carat Netherlands

I want to thank you for a great training. The sentiment in the beginning with the team was, “again another training.” That changed in an instant. Everybody was full of energy and enthusiasm. I’m going to recommend Stand Up Company.

Maxime Post, Sales promotor Deceuninck & former consultant De Pooter

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