STORYCADEMY (NEDERLANDS GESPROKEN) - The training program for starting entrepreneurs/intrapreneurs looking for more confidence, energy, better communication skills and a strong value proposition

You started your company/career with an idea that grew into a passion for your product or service. Driven by the desire of wanting to bring positive change to the lives and businesses of people. You offer quality and see the potential of what you are doing. Now you only have to make sure your clients/colleagues/investors see that same potential. A great product or service is your ticket to play, but the story you tell is what will get you a seat at the table. A strong story is the foundation of every pitch, meeting, video, network chat or talent acquisition. Discovering which inspiring story you have to tell, learning to structure it and finding your voice so you can deliver this story in a credible and entertaining way. That is what we will help you with in the Storycademy. Sharing insights, experiences and actually building it together. 

Storycademy - let's build your business story together - picture of participants in zoom call

Sasha Sadri at the docks

I was better able to identify my strenghts and weaknesses when it comes to storytelling. Stick to the super clear 5 step method and you will rock any type of content. From capturing your target audience, getting buy-in to connecting with people. Marnick’s ability to always pinpoint exactly what your story needs is admirable. 

Sasha Sadri – Purpose Coach & Mentor, MIMM

Vincent Battaglia profile picture

Probably the best training I have followed so far. I strongly recommend to also follow this training at Stand Up Company if you have the ambition to become a better communicator/storyteller.

Vincent Battaglia – Co-Founder & CTO, Ludus

Jenno Bogaert

Can’t thank you enough for your valuable insights on storytelling and communication, given in your Storycademy. 

Jenno Bogaert – Business Developer, Tengu

Program & Timing 2020/2021 - NEDERLANDS GESPROKEN

We will send you, after your registration, a signed copy of the Stand Up boek (English), so you can already start preparing at home by reading and learning about the 5 steps to building any story that inspires action.

Stand Up to Stand Out book order

17/05/2021 ONLINE SESSION (10u-12u)
In this first online session we will dive deeper into the 5 basic principles of storytelling/communication. We will discuss your challenges and first questions. We will start in a safe and empowering environment with small exercises to earn attention/trust and win confidence. 

25/05/2021 ONLINE SESSION (10u-12u)
In this second session we will start with the concrete preparation of your story. How do you go from an idea to multiple concepts to an inspiring story in function of your goal and audience. Learning how to structure and discover possible value. You will get help from us and the group and will receive a solid foundation to further prepare at home.

Time to turn the insights, exercises and preparation into practice. In this session we will listen to your story step by step and re-work or improve where necessary. We will even film it if you want. This way you can rewatch and practice at home.

By now you will have already taken a lot of steps and you will feel stronger and more confident. In this session we will start to finetune. We will listen with care and pride to the storyteller you have become. The fact that you have grown, took action and now have a clear value proposition/story to boost your business, will be the end result of your program. #standuptostandout

What is the goal?

The goal of this program is to work on your confidence, your story and your business together with 3 other entrepreneurs/intrapreneurs, using the Stand Up insights. Combining exercise, discussion, feedback and observation to help you create and rock your story and the way you bring it. The end result is an authentic and confident version of yourself with a strong foundation in communication and storytelling.

You will receive:

  • A signed copy of the Stand Up book
  • Sessions with only 4 participants to really work closely on your story
  • Instant feedback by us and your peers
  • 12 hours of coaching in total
  • Answers to your questions and challenges
  • Free re-watch of the online sessions
  • Stepping out of your comfort zone in a safe environment

The group will exist out of maximum 4 participants, so don’t wait too long to join us.

Want to join the future English version of the Storycademy, leave your details below and you will get notified as soon as it goes live. 

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