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How to sell a car in one day – 3 lessons in sales

Buying a new car is exciting, joyful, maybe a bit scary, but if you have the funds and an interest in these four wheel metal beauties, an overall great experience. Doing research and comparing brands on Youtube, looking at shiny pictures of model versions you can’t afford, visiting ultra clean dealerships, pretending to be the Stig while test driving and secretly hoping that this time, your car is an Autobot and will turn into a Transformer.

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Planet Talent chooses Stand Up Company as their training partner

Planet Talent is a vibrant community of companies, coaches and high potentials that are conquering the ICT, sales and management world. Stand Up Company had the honor to present at the Planet Talent head office a while back. Afterwards team members joined one of our public bootcamps on how to inspire action.

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WORK SMARTER – Who doesn’t want that?

When we saw the invite for the work smarter event Teamleader was organizing, we thought: Well of course we want to work smarter.
It was an inspiring day full of interesting speakers. Below the 3 that we remembered most and their main take-out...

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