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you knew that the average adult human body holds the same amount of energy as thirty hydrogen bombs. What if you had the skill to tap into that potential energy and unleash your power and that of your team upon the world. You would become unstoppable. Helping you to stand up as a leader and unlock that high performance within your team is what drives us.

Give yourself the mindset and skill you deserve, so you can give your team the leader they deserve.

We work on your


Master your energy transitions and confidence. No burnout for you.


Knowing yourself, your vision and goals. Get it crystal.


Create a high performing team and network. Be the glue.


Learn to inspire people with stories. It’s all about how you say it.

becoming wolf

Worthy Of Leadership Functions

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  • perfect your presentation skills
  • communicate like an inspiring leader
  • get any project approved
  • connect with your team more easily
  • present with enthusiasm

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With their trainings and mentorships, Stand Up Company basically makes you a better leader. Your communication becomes more simple, tangible and effective. 

Tim Berx – Supply Chain Director Europe North West, Belron International

Jeroen De Wit CEO Teamleader

Our employee NPS score improves month over month. So what is there not to like.

Jeroen De Wit – CEO, Teamleader

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Change project, getting buy-in from the board, team training or workshop facilitation,…? Let us help you optimize and tailor all those important messages within your organization, so they go from complex to simple, from informing to inspiring.

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Let’s rock your stage with one of our interactive and highly rated presentations. Or have us coach your speakers to own theirs. Speaking, hosting, coaching, content management, your event is an experience, a story, let’s make it stand out!

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My personal development

Increase your impact as a leader, professional or entrepreneur with 50% by learning how to better communicate. You want to build your personal brand, video performance, speech,… our mentorships and coaching will help you to stand up for your ideas.

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Thessely Juliet

You really raised the bar on training. Expectations were high, but you met them, we couldn’t stop talking afterwards on how much we had learned about storytelling and stakeholder management in such a short amount of time.

Thessely Juliet – Online Marketeer, Harstichting Nederland

Over +100 companies across more than 12 countries have decided to Stand Up.