7 steps to owning your story

Personal coaching tailored to your very own roadmap. Discover your most powerful self, build your personal brand and communicate like a pro.

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on demand coaching, to help you inspire your team; rock your stage; convince that next big client; communicate better with your peers or just want to step out of your comfort zone & build confidence? In short, are you looking to STAND OUT in life and business? Then our on demand personal coaching sessions will offer you the insights, the experience and the energy you need. Let’s do this!

Leadership Coaching

How to lead others and inspire your team

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Discover what it means to be a stand up leader, how to share your vision or transfer difficult messages. Learn the power of a strong team culture based on clearly defined values and be able to inspire your team into taking action. (price excl. vat & travel)
4 hours

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Speaker Coaching

How to own your presentation, talk or speech

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Big speech, talk or presentation coming up. Let’s build your story, structure it, decide on how to best bring it and deliver a version of your message that fits your goal, the audience and the value that you want to share. Let’s own it! (price excl. vat & travel)
3 hours

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Pitch Coaching

How to sell yourself and your company

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You are the best solution, so let’s match your pitch or brand story to that insight. In the elevator, the boardroom or at the investor’s table. No matter where or with whom, don’t tell trying to sell, show them why they want to buy. (Price excl. vat & travel)
3 hours

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Become your own coach at homeStand Up to Stand Out: Expressing yourself in the most powerful way

Get yourself a copy and get this this beautifully designed book with leather look at home. Packed with communication insights spread over 5 easy steps and written in a very funny fast paced English writing style. Order it for yourself or give it as a gift and start inspiring yourself and others into taking action on your ideas.

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