This full day in house training on communication & storytelling based on the Stand Up to Stand Out book, deep dives into our 5 elements of persuasion model, the foundation of every form of communication.

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Being captivating in your communication is not a gift, it's a choice

Warren Buffet, billionaire investor, answered to the question: “What is the number one skill business professionals need to learn in order to be successful?”

Learn how to speak and communicate properly. If I would recommend to invest any of your time, do it in learning the skill of communication, it will increase your worth by 50%.”

We couldn’t agree more and that is what this training is for, to enhance your confidence to speak and communicate with impact.

Full day in house training

In this training we will be covering our 5 elements of persuasion model on which the Stand Up to Stand Out book is based. The 5 elements you need in any form of communication. The ratio exercise versus theory = 80 – 20. We recommend a max of 15 participants. Available in Dutch and English.

Keywords: communication, public speaking, storytelling

Overview of the day:


  • finding your confidence and the right energy (exercise)
  • mastering your voice and body image (story DNA) (exercise)
  • the 6 key elements of storytelling
  • understanding your audience
  • how to prepare using the storytelling blueprint (exercise)

Relate and Offer

  • discussing exercise in group & challenging each other
  • earning trust and understanding
  • how to structure your messages (exercise)
  • 5 elements of tangibility (creative sauce) (exercise)

Explain and Achieve

  • bring your story for the group & get feedback (exercise)
  • achieving your story goal
  • last pointers & motivational

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For whom is this program?

Literally for everybody. In marketing and sales they often say that you need to have a specific target audience for your product or service. In most cases this is very true, but when it comes to communication, well… we all need it every single day of our personal and professional life. No matter who you are right now, knowing how to communicate and getting people to take action on your ideas is a crucial skill for success.

Thessely Juliet

You really raised the bar on training. Expectations where high, but you met them, we couldn’t stop talking afterwards on how much we had learned about pitching, storytelling and stakeholder management in such a short amount of time.

Thessely Juliet – Online Marketeer, Harstichting Nederland

Eveline Vrolix Yappa profile picture

I think I have never learned and picked up so many communication and speaking insights in one workshop.

Eveline Vrolix – Project Manager, Yappa

Jeroen De Wit CEO Teamleader

Our employee NPS score for communication improves month over month. So what is there not to like.

Jeroen De Wit – CEO, Teamleader

Marnick Vandebroek keynote speaker profile picture 10


Marnick Vandebroek is a frequently asked and highly rated Belgian keynote speaker and trainer on the topics of storytelling, public speaking and leadership communication. He helps, trains and coaches over one hundred business owners, managers and professionals all across Europe to express themselves in the most powerful way. He works with people from multinational brands to promising start-ups and scale-ups that want to inspire both themselves and others into taking action. He is also the author of the business book Stand Up to Stand Out: Expressing yourself in the most powerful way and is a globally awarded event moderator.

Marnick has a background in digital marketing, HR, stand-up comedy, is a certified NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) practitioner and just a stand-up guy.


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