Terms & Conditions

Being a stand up company doesn’t only mean you need to be authentic, honest and different in your marketing and communications, but also in the way you generally do business. Terms and conditions always sound so strict, but are actually not necessary or applied when all parties are stand up about what they are doing. Respect, trust and clear agreements make good friends 🙂 Business should be fun and about creating value for each other.


1. General Terms

1.1 By signing any official offer from Stand Up Company or providing any other form or written approval, will automatically state that you agree with the terms in section 1-3. This is also mentioned on every offer and the terms can always be consulted on this page.

1.2 Every official Stand Up Company offer is valid for a maximum of 30 days (starting from the offer date) (unless stated otherwise on the actual offer). After this period Stand Up Company no longer guarantees the stated service at the offered price.

1.3 Stand Up Company will only guarantee a period or date to be reserved for the client for only 2 weeks. Until the client provides an official approval of the offer, Stand Up Company has the right to take on other projects during that time period. The client that has the option will always be notified up front to cancel or confirm the option.

1.4 Stand Up Company is a Belgian company with limited liability (bvba). When subject to illness, urgent and unforseen family matters or force majeure, Stand Up Company has the right to cancel the delivery of service on the agreed date without consequences. The agreed rate will of course not be invoiced to the client. If possible a new agreement for a later date will be made or any other agreement between both parties that will minimize the obstruction for the client.


2. Invoicing & Payment

2.1 Stand Up Company will only invoice after the service or goods have been delivered (unless stated otherwise in article 2.3).

2.2 Every invoice needs to be paid in full within 15 calendar days starting from the invoice date, on the Stand Up Company bank account number stated on the invoice.

2.3 Amounts larger than 3k will be invoiced immediately before the delivery of service/goods (unless otherwise agreed upon). Amounts larger than 10k, at least 50% will be invoiced before the delivery of service/goods (unless otherwise agreed upon).

2.4 Not paying within the terms stated in article 2.2 will result in a 10% increase of the original invoice amount (according to article 5 of the Belgian law concerning the non-payment during trade actions), with a minimum of 125 euro, excl. VAT. After a friendly notice and an official collection letter by registered post, Stand Up Company has the right to cancel the delivery of all service/good still owed to the client and will take legal action to force payment.

2.5 All payments will be made on the stated bank account number mentioned on the invoice. The payment will be made in full (unless stated otherwise) and in euros.

2.6 If a client decides to cancel an offer after it was officially approved and time was reserved for this assignment by Stand Up Company (causing the not accepting of other projects during this time = loss of business), 50% of the offered amount will be invoiced with a minimum of 225 euros, excl. VAT. (unless agreed upon differently between both parties)


3. Services and Accountability

3.1 Stand Up Company will advise a client in the best way possible and will always take into account the laws on data, privacy and good business of the country the client is in and will respect the code of conduct and policies of the client itself. However Stand Up Company is an advisor and so execution and the choice of following/not-following this advice is the responsibility of the client. Stand Up Company can’t be held responsible for any legal actions taken against the client for not respecting these laws.

3.2 Stand Up Company has the right to cancel services and terminate the agreement immediately when Stand Up Company feels (or witnessed) the client isn’t respecting agreements, policies or laws and could also impact the credibility or integrity of Stand Up Company.