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Leadership Communication

Keynote - Stand Up to Stand Out: How leaders inspire action (leadership communication)

Keynote - Becoming W.O.L.F (Worthy Of Leadership Functions) (what makes a great leader) (also check the funny leadership blogpost)

Storytelling & Speaking

Keynote - Expressing yourself in the most powerful way (also see the book)

Keynote - I immediately thought of you (personal branding, career development, thought leadership)

Team Culture & Values

Keynote - How to build a freak team (value driven peak performance)

The Winning Mindset

Keynote - Stand Up to Stand Out: How to inspire yourself into taking action (motivation, inspiration, change mindset)

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Last minute bookings are possible, but in the high season months Jan-May and 0ct-Dec, booking 3 to 4 weeks in advance is advised if you still want your preferred date.

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Author of the business bookStand Up to Stand Out: Expressing yourself in the most powerful way

Get yourself a copy or offer every participant of your event the chance to take this beautifully designed book with leather look home as a gift. Packed with communication insights and written in a very funny fast paced English writing style. Depending on the number of books you would like, package deals are available. Don’t hesitate to ask us about it.

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30-60min presentations or keynotes within the Benelux market (Belgium/Netherlands/Luxembourg) start from €2750 -… depending on the request (incl. travel expenses). Outside the Benelux the price starts at €4.000 – … (excl. travel expenses). Get in touch to receive your offer.

Marnick gives his presentations and keynotes in Dutch/Flemish or English. He also speaks and understands other languages like German and French, but due to the high intensity, interactivity and humor in his talks, he only prefers to speak in the languages that are native to him.

The most popular talks that are listed on this page are off-the-shelf, but will always be altered in function of your briefing to make them as relevant as possible for the audience. Custom presentations around the 4 topics listed on this page are also possible. Price then depends on your specific request and the needed preparation time.

Yes you can have a date put in option if you are not yet sure if you want to confirm the booking. We keep your request in option for a max. of 2 weeks. If another client wants to book that same day(s) in those 2 weeks we will first come to you to check if we have a go.

A checklist will be send beforehand asking all relevant technical and practical questions. What type of screen is there? What connection, HDMI, Clickshare,…? How is the room set up? How far in advance can he do his sound testing? But basically it comes down to having a screen, sound, a stage and a pumped audience.

If your briefing is clear in the request, you will receive an offer straight away. If more info is needed, we will schedule a call or video call to talk it through. After the booking there will be another call or video call to go through the exact content and expectations. There are no physical meetings for booking or briefing a keynote, unless it is part of a bigger project.

You can find the terms & conditions here.