Cookie Policy



1. In General

Stand Up Company bvba (referred to in this policy as “Stand Up Company” or “us”) uses cookies to mainly improve the browse experience on (referred to in this policy as “website”). All data gathered from these cookies are anonymous and will only be used to enhance the user experience and service of the website.

Stand Up Company is allowed to update this policy with a newer version on the website. We therefor recommend to regularly check the website and this page where this policy is available. To make sure you are always aware of any changes in this policy.
If any changes are being made, you will be asked again to re-accept this policy.

2. What is a cookie?

A cookie, also known as a HTTP cookie, a web cookie or a browser cookie, is mostly a small text file send to a website and saved in the webbrowser while the user is surfing. When the user returns in the future to the same website, this saved data can be used to notify the website that the user has returned and what his previous activity was. Cookies are designed to be a reliable mechanism for websites to remember the previous activity of a user on the website. They help us improve the experience on our website & to show you more relevant content. We recommend to activate the cookies on our website, if you choose not to, you are always free to deactivate them in your browser. Cookies could store: clicking on buttons or viewing pages and that up to a year in the past.

This website uses different kinds of cookies:

  • Necessary cookies: Cookies that are necessary to give the user the normal website experience and use of certain functions.
  • Tracking cookies: Cookies that can be stored up to a year to make sure every time you come back to the website it remembers previous actions or settings that the user preferred.
  • Performance cookies: Cookies that help improve the user experience based on insights from Google Analytics. The Google Analytics cookies will give us data about behavior, popular content, visits, average time on site, bounce rate,…
  • Third party cookies: In order to support our communication Stand Up Company uses social media like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Youtube. These sites, their sharing or embedding functionalities could contain cookies. Stand Up Company is unable to check these cookies. Please check the relevant websites of these parties for more information on their cookie policy.

3. List of cookies that the website uses

The list below is a sum of all cookies Stand Up Company collects or uses and which data these store.


Google Analytics cookies

We use Google Analytics cookies to collect data about the user sessions on our website. For more information about the working of these cookies, please consult the Google cookie & privacy statement. 

  • _GA
  • _GID

Other website cookies

  • ACCEPT_COOKIE (dfactory): This cookie stores if you have accepted the cookie policy or not.
  • FACEBOOK_PIXEL: This pixel stores the action and behavior on the website to track conversion from ads or retarget in a the most relevant way based on this behavior. Please consult the Facebook cookie & privacy policy.

4. De-activating cookies

There are different ways to block the storage of cookies. Please visit the websites of the different browsers to learn how to set your browser so it blocks cookies. To find out more go to All About Cookies and see what cookies can do for you in a positive way, how to remove or block them and how they work.

5. Contact Stand Up Company

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