I have been clean for over 4 months now💪

For as long as I can remember, I have been scratching the skin of my fingertips whenever I felt stressed. It destroyed my hands, but it was a bad habit I couldn’t seem to shake. People asked about it in meetings, my nephews would ask why my fingers were so damaged, my wife urged me to stop every single day. I was ashamed and wanted to quit doing it, but whatever I tried, I always fell back into my old habit. Then I read the book ‘Atomic Habits’ by James Clear and everything changed with a single paragraph:


  • Don’t say that you want to quit scratching your fingers – Then you are just doing it in function of the outcome.
  • Say you are a man with clean and beautiful hands, go get a manicure☺️  – Then you believe you are and identify with it.


I closed the book and said, “I am now a man with clean hands that is proud of how his fingers look and I will take care of them. We are now 4 months later and I haven’t scratched them once💯


Marnick Vandebroek showing his hand proudly

Moral of the story🙌

Whatever you want to do in life, quit a bad habit, lead a team, run a business, work out,… Identify with it first. Believe that you are that what you desire, instead of believing you are not, but still chasing the outcome that will therefor never happen or wont last (e.g. non smoker, healthy lifestyle, succesful business,…)

You can do it too!