Bored Minion looking at online webinar

The screen didn’t make you boring, you probably already were

Covid-19 took the world by storm and brought us a tornado of fake news, face masks, facetime and free webinars. Our screen became our only window to the world. Our only source of entertainment, information, company gossip and the closest thing we got to checking if our loved ones were doing ok. We started out apologizing in meetings for our kids in the background, not wearing any pants and that the laundry room became our office.

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Business gurus are struggling marnick looking surprised

Business Gurus are struggling

Business gurus worldwide are struggling. The rate of change these days is so high that they can't make Powerpoints, Keynotes or write books fast enough to keep up. We went online and gathered some video snippets of speeches and presentations of different gurus to show you how much they are contradicting themselves.

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Bootcamp team 2019 amsterdam

Qualifio, Duval Union, Topdesk, Deux Chevaux,… walked into a bootcamp

The best way to start improving your internal and external presence as a professional is diving into one of our How to inspire Action-bootcamps. We did these in-house sessions for over 100 companies in the last 2 years in more than 10 European countries.

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