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How to tell a funny story

One of the most frequently asked questions we get is how to add jokes and humor to a story. Or just simple, how can I be more funny. Now as it says in the book, if you are not funny, don't try to be funny, but with the following 3 tips you can BE funny. They will always work and will allow you to entertain without risking cringy moments or badly prepared jokes that could downsize your credibility.

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Staying calm on stage screaming stressy

3 TIPS: How to stay calm during a presentation

You have the feeling your lungs have packed their bags and moved into your throat. Air is becoming a luxury. Your mouth is dryer than a desert that just ate a whole box of rusk. You're sweating. You are producing more words per second than Gary Vaynerchuk on speed. If this sounds familiar, it can only mean one thing..., you are giving a presentation and are nervous as hell.

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