What if after a train ride from Brussels straight to Breda you step outside of the station and all of a sudden you see a big crowd with music and banners… an exciting day full of surprises that was Marnick’s experience at the end of June.

Breda, a hospitable city, what better way to prove this than to give an unexpecting Belgian tourist the warmest welcome he could ever imagine. A boat trip through town with the director of the NAC-footballclub Justin Goetzee, his own brewed Marnick’s Malt, doing an unprepared comedy show and climbing the highest tower of this warm city.

This all resulted in a video with Breda’s city highlights so everyone can see how great Breda is ! Video shared on Breda’s facebookpage exceeded the threshold of 100K views also local newspapers picked up the news.

#Breda #BredaBesteBinnenstad #BredaBrengtSamen #StandUpToStandOut

Curious about the video :