As a business leader you have a lot of responsibility and are required to master and manage a lot of things. One of those things is often forgotten, pushed in the fluffy corner, but probably one of the most important skills a leader can master. The management of energy. Or as Brendon Burchard so nicely calls it, “mastering your transitions.”



Where do you get your energy from?
Being married to you must be exhausting.
You are probably faking it.
You can’t possibly be an introvert.

Are just some of the workshop comments I hear on a daily basis 🙂

Just like it says in the introduction paragraph on the homepage of this website, our adult bodies have an enormous amount of energy stacked up. The question is, “How much of that potential energy are you tapping into as a leader, and how are you managing it throughout the day?”

  • Are you bringing the energy of that bad meeting into the next one?
  • Are you bringing work energy into the living room?
  • Is your team meeting affected by your last phone call with a supplier?

Everybody has bad moments and challenges, but there is a difference between…

  • Those that manage their transitions between those moments (e.g. go for a walk, talk, workout, meditate,…)
  • Those that take one spark of negative energy along for the entire ride.

Now you know how much potential energy you have at your disposal, that it is a skill to master your transitions and that in the end, your environment becomes a reflection of you. Ask yourself: “What am I giving my team to reflect?”