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…inspire your team; rock your stage; convince that next big client; communicate better with your peers or just want to step out of your comfort zone & build confidence?
In short, are you looking to STAND OUT in life and business? Then our training programs will offer you the insights, the experience and the energy you need. Let’s do this!

Our 1 day bootcamps

Public Speaking

Public Speaking bootcamp storytelling

Feel confident and relaxed in front of a group. Learn how to grab people’s attention. Use the power of storytelling and speak with impact and emotion. It’s not what you say, it’s how you can make people feel.

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Soft Skills

Soft skill bootcamp training

Sales meeting, job interview, team session,… Learn how to earn trust. How to show empathy by deep listening. How people think and communicate. Convince a person of your ideas and learn how to understand his.

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Vlogging bootcamp video

87% of the internet is video. Video gets the highest engagement on any social media platform. Time for you to get in front of the camera. Start liking your own voice and movements and get your story out there with strong video content.

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Our coachings

7 steps to own your stage

own your stage speaking ordina

Want to become a keynote speaker, a better storyteller or leader who can inspire his team? This 7 step personal follow up course will help you achieve that goal.

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Personal Brand in 3 days

Personal Branding me

Everybody has a personal brand, by default or design. The latter will get you more business, a faster career and a broader network. Discover who you are, what you stand for and how you can turn it into a strong brand story.

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Ad hoc one on one

personal coaching video

No time for 7 steps or a one day workshop, but in need of some quick coaching when preparing for a big presentation, meeting or conference? Book a one on one session in person or through video and get those valuable insights when you need them.

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