This full day in house training on communication & storytelling based on the Stand Up to Stand Out book, deep dives into our 5 elements of persuasion model, the foundation of every form of communication. No matter who you are, standing up and expressing yourself in a powerful way is NOT A GIFT, IT'S A CHOICE.

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Becoming Worthy Of Leadership Functions is an exclusive leadership program for upcoming leaders that will unlock and further improve your leadership skills. Insights and practices ranging from mindset, identity to culture and inspirational communication. Time to become Wolf and be an example for your pack!

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Every training or coaching can be combined with a copy of our book for preparation and guidance. Increasing the progress speed of you and your team Stand Up to Stand Out: Expressing yourself in the most powerful way

A beautifully designed book with leather look. Packed with communication insights based on our 5 step communication model and written in a very funny fast paced English writing style. Package deals are available. Don’t hesitate to ask us about it.

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You have a small/medium sized business in Flanders, Belgium? Great, then you have the opportunity to use the KMO portefeuille for your training. Check out our KMO portefeuille page to learn more. Stand Up Company bvba – VAT: BE0687.653.091 – KMO P. licence nummer: DV.0228214
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