You want our full attention while building more confidence, discovering who you are as a leader, learning what is driving your current way of communicating, shaping your business story then this 1 to 1 coaching based on your personal roadmap is the program for you. Including a free copy of the Stand Up book.

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Find your voice, master your message and stand out in business

Discover the power of knowing who you are, finding your voice, having a story to tell and being able to inspire yourself and others into taking action. Storytelling, communication, speaking or leadership, training & coaching in these areas is vital to any professional. It can speed up your career or business, improve your leadership skills, unlock budgets and board approval or help you build your personal and corporate brand as an expert or thought leader in the market. So if you are looking to step out of the comfort zone in a safe environment, grow in confidence and search for the most powerful version of yourself. Then this personal 5 step approach is for you.

Live sessions

In 5 working sessions planned according to your agenda and pace, we are going to build your confidence and credibility. Show you how to grab people's attention and earn their trust and how to inspire them into taking action on your ideas.

Video sessions

The live sessions can be altered or added with virtual sessions for check ins, feedback or a quick boost before an important meeting. Mentorship is about working, learning and growing together and sometimes a zoom or teams call is an efficient way to do this.

Full access

The mentorship doesn't end with the 5 training sessions, you will get full access to Marnick and will always be able to mail, app or call whenever you need input, feedback or help with your stories, pitches, meetings,...

Stand up book

5 sessions link to 5 main elements from our 5 step stand up communication/persuasion model. Linking to the 5 chapters in the Stand Up book that you get for free and you can use as your guide at home.

Lieze Geebelen mentorship

The other day I saw a super cool video of Bert Schols of Mast Agency and I immediately thought, “I want this too!” I called Bert to congratulate him on the result. Of course I was also very curious about how he had come to that result. Soon the name “Marnick Vandebroek” popped up. In my enthusiasm I called Marnick, we booked a zoom call and voilà the job was done. (Or that’s when it started.)

So I planned the 5 step mentorship with Stand Up Company. The reason? – I turn down invitations too often when it comes to giving presentations/trainings/keynotes. I can’t explain exactly why, but I just don’t feel so sure on a stage with a large audience and bright lights and all eyes on me. 

The sessions started (due to my own enthusiasm and will to improve quickly) at a brisk pace, maybe sometimes a bit too strong! Sometimes that resulted in a “stressful”, or a “panic” when I thought I was not going to be able to deliver something on time. Fortunately, Marnick always dealt with it calmly; he always reassured me. “We drink a coffee and start when you are ready,” he said. And we did!

I had my last session a while ago and I “graduated”! I’m honestly even going to miss it. I will start the process again with the focus on video communication.

Thank you Marnick for the nice cooperation. I’m already looking forward to the next one!

Lieze Geebelen – Founder Proactify


What are your goals? Who are you now? What are your expectations and how does it all work? Let's answer those questions and discover if the mentorship is the right fit for you.

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Based on the insights from the intake we tailor the 5 sessions to your needs. We will work are way through the 5 elements of our communication model, but everybody has a different need, starting point and work context.

Take off

We plan our first session and go from there. Sessions, check ins, follow ups and assignments will be added according to progression and need. Some go fast, others take it slow. Let's train, coach and learn at your preferred pace.

Bert Schols Mast agency mentorship

I gained a better understanding of how to structure a story, prepare myself for trainings, webinars, videos and keynotes. The very practical approach really matched my way of learning. Insights that immediately got put into practice. I can now say my stories are more actionable and told in an entertaining way.

Bert Schols – Founder MAST agency


  • You will be able to better structure and turn your messages into engaging and convincing stories using our 5 step communication model.
  • You will speak, communicate, host meetings with more confidence, energy and credibility.
  • You will be able to better understand your audience and pinpoint the true value to them via our GAV-method.
  • You will learn how to turn your ideas into valuable content that will help build your personal brand online or within your company.
  • You will discover who you are as a leader and storyteller offline, online and in front of camera.
  • You will understand the true power of mastering your message and the fun and reward in inspiring others.
Willem Bonneux profile

You don’t only learn more about communication and storytelling, but you also learn more about yourself and who you can become. The Mentorship, you just have to do it!

Willem Bonneux – BizDev Consultant, Bonneux &Co

Sonja Tielen 5 step mentorship

I never thought I was good enough to really stand out in business or defend my ideas with confidence, but through the mentorship I truly found my voice and learned to better express myself in meetings and in front of the camera. What a lovely experience this has been!

Sonja Thielen – Founder SOTI

Charlotte Pauwels - Data Manager Flanders.Bio

While I expected to get some techniques on how to better communicate with my team and within the organization, we really dove deep into who I am as a manager, what my vision and true purpose is and how to bring it across. Thank you for all the insightful talks and always being available when I needed feedback.

Charlotte Pauwels – Data Manager Flanders.Bio