Bored Minion looking at online webinar

The screen didn’t make you boring, you probably already were

Covid-19 took the world by storm and brought us a tornado of fake news, face masks, facetime and free webinars. Our screen became our only window to the world. Our only source of entertainment, information, company gossip and the closest thing we got to checking if our loved ones were doing ok. We started out apologizing in meetings for our kids in the background, not wearing any pants and that the laundry room became our office.

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Second hand car salesman danny devito mathilda movie

How to sell a car in one day – 3 lessons in sales

Buying a new car is exciting, joyful, maybe a bit scary, but if you have the funds and an interest in these four wheel metal beauties, an overall great experience. Doing research and comparing brands on Youtube, looking at shiny pictures of model versions you can’t afford, visiting ultra clean dealerships, pretending to be the Stig while test driving and secretly hoping that this time, your car is an Autobot and will turn into a Transformer.

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Stand Up Talk Podcast Natalie Vandergraesen & Marnick Vandebroek

Podcast Episode #001: How to live and work together with your partner

Being home with the family 24/7, watching the kids and sharing the last toilet paper is great for flattening the Corona-curve, but can also bring new challenges. The key is strong communication, understanding and empowering each other to get through this as a team.

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Gebrand Op Succes team Zonhoven

Bootcamps Antwerp and Hasselt were pumped

On the 3rd of October and the 19th of November we hosted our last open storytelling and communication bootcamps in Hasselt and Antwerp. One full day of training at an awesome location to work on your communication skills. These open bootcamps are there to allow people to experience our in-house trainings without having to mobilize their entire organization.

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Marnick Vandebroek KBC bank private banking change mindset keynote

KBC bank: The change mindset – 6 keynotes

Motivation is great, but once the motivating factor is gone, people return to known routines. The key is to know how to inspire yourself everyday and from that power and energy see opportunity and the way to inspire others to follow you.

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