Unlock your leadership potential and become an example for your pack

Research has shown that a lot of people in the world have leadership potential, but that alone is not enough.
The most powerful leaders that stand up and inspire their teams to perform, adopted the mindset and skills to do this. But how do you learn to lead as a young leader, when you often just get thrown in front of the wolves? – By becoming one.

Becoming WOLF (Worthy Of Leadership Functions) is the goal of this program. A training to unlock your leadership potential and work around mindset, discovering who you are as a leader, sharing the basic elements of a strong team and how your communication can inspire people to take action.

A true leader is never the star of the team, but the glue that holds everything together. Time to become an example for your pack!

What we offer you

  • 12 week program

  • 6 online group sessions

  • individual coaching in between sessions

  • 24/7 access to Marnick via whatsapp/mail

  • central place for all course material

  • guest speakers

  • signed Stand Up to Stand Out book as a home guide

  • WOLF leadership certification

Who will benefit from this program?

You are a young professional and recently became a team leader or stepped into a management function and are looking to develop or strengthen your position as a new leader within your company. Congrats on the new role!

You might be a bit overwhelmed at the moment, because you went from from just rocking your job, to now having people look at you for inspiration, guidance and support.

But you are eager to make your mark and lead your team with a clear vision to a common goal. You want to crystalize that vision, improve your communication skills and enhance the connection with your new team by building a growth culture. A culture where your people can perform as one, feel safe, appreciated and will therefor deliver stand out results.

If you are searching for a training that will give you the confidence, insights and skills needed to do just that, then this program is a perfect match.


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What you will have after this course

  • The confidence to lead your team with a clear vision

  • The understanding of your identity as a leader

  • The communication skills to inspire, feedback and motivate

  • The building blocks to create a growth culture

  • The feel for stakeholder management and earning trust

  • The strenght to break through corporate walls

  • The thirst for even more leadership development

Our people listen better, communicate more effectively and became overall better leaders

Tim Berx, Supply Chain Director Europe North West, Belron International

What will your hunt for knowledge look like?

Hunt 1.  LEADING BY EXAMPLE: People copy behavior, what mindset, energy and action example are you giving your team?

Leadership and success in business starts from within and the belief in what you and the company stand for. In this session we want to discover how you look at leadership, what are your current wins and challenges and what can you do to overcome them and inspire, motivate and trust yourself in order to pass this on to your team.

Hunt 2. WHO ARE YOU AS A LEADER: Discovering the values, beliefs and vision that drive you.

In this session we build further on the information of session 1, but we go a bit further. Now that you trust the program, the group and learned a bit more about the importance of leading the pack, we can find out what is truly driving you and how it matches the company culture and its values, knowing that is the foundation of your team culture and their actions.

Hunt 3. THE POWER OF VULNERABILITY: True leadership and power is admitting that you don’t know everything.

A great leader is only as great as how vulnerable he or she is. You can’t know everything and that is also not what your teams expects. Admitting that you don’t know, relying on the team to know and be ok with being vulnerable and owning mistakes is what makes a leader stand out. Let’s practice!

Hunt 4. CREATING YOUR WOLFPACK: Defining roles, responsibilities, strengths and weaknesses in your team to establish a growth culture.

As a leader, the goal and the performance of the team is your main concern. All of the above will get you most of the way, but a well performing team needs clear roles and responsibilities, that you can also reward or hold people accountable for. What does your pack need, who is currently in it and what is expected from them in function of the goal?

Hunt 5. MASTERING YOUR MESSAGE: Communication is the foundation of good leadership 

Knowing how to inspire yourself, what is driving you, how your mindset, energy and values will influence the success of your team is one thing, but knowing how to communicate it, is just as important. How do you communicate and bring tough decisions or messages?  How do you turn your and the company vision into stories that inspire?

6. CELEBRATION CEREMONY – I AM WOLF : Let’s celebrate your completion of the Becoming WOLF program, while you share with the pack what these sessions have done for you. How did you evolve? And how will you move forward as a leader? 

Who will be your trainer?

Marnick Vandebroek, founder of Stand Up Company

Marnick Vandebroek keynote speaker profile picture 9

Marnick Vandebroek is a frequently asked and highly rated Belgian keynote speaker and trainer on the topics of storytelling and leadership communication linked to driving innovation, digital transformation and change within organizations. He helps, trains and coaches over one hundred business owners, managers and professionals all across Europe to express themselves in the most powerful way. He works with people from multinational brands (Nike, L’Oréal, Akzonobel, Belron,…) to promising start-ups and scale-ups that want to inspire both themselves and others into taking action. He runs his business, Stand Up Company, together with his wife and business partner, Natalie Vandergraesen and is also the author of the business book Stand Up to Stand Out: Expressing yourself in the most powerful way.

Marnick has a background in FMCG, digital marketing, HR, stand-up comedy, is a certified NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) practitioner and just a stand-up guy. On a personal level, he is happily married and has two amazing cats. In addition, he loves writing, drawing, comedy, obstacle runs and pumping iron in the gym like Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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