When we are co-writing or optimizing speeches for team leaders and CEO’s, one of the things we focus on is making sure the parts of gratitude actually hit their mark. It’s a no brainer that you as a leader show gratitude and appreciation. Acknowledge the hard work and dedication of your team members, but just saying you are thankful or know they work hard, is often not enough. People expect it, know it’s something you have to say, genuine or not. The key is actually being genuine, meaning it and showing that you mean it by giving context to your compliments and making them as tangible as possible. What obstacles they have overcome, what spirit made them win, what hours they have put in, which departments went the extra mile,… When you get this right (not as easy as it sounds), your credibility will grow, you will win the hearts of the men and women in front of you, recognize them, see them and they will in 2020 move mountains for you.

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