Great news! Clients were requesting it and we at Stand Up Company made sure we could offer you the possibility of using the KMO portefeuille. We are now proud to say that we are officially a registered supplier of the KMO portefeuille in the discipline of ‘training & education’. This means that if you are a Flemish small to medium sized company that is requesting one of our trainings/workshops/coachings you are able to get up to 40% subsidy on your order. Of course your company needs to meet certain criteria to be able to use the KMO portefeuille. More info can be found on the official Flemish government website or on our separate KMO portefeuille page.

We worked hard to get everything in order to get this beautiful registration and are happy that we are now able to offer our small to medium size companies with their HQ in Flanders the possibility to enjoy subsidy on our trainings, workshops and coachings.

(This is not applicable on our services like keynotes, hosting, event/content management,… Products that are KMO portefeuille approved will always be clearly marked.)

Go to the website or our separate page to see if you will be able to use the KMO portefeuille and book your next training, bootcamp or coaching now.