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Read this before every meeting

A man walks into a New York comedy club where an MC (= host) is about to open the night🎤 The MC starts warming up the crowd by asking…

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Marnick Vandebroek showing his hand proudly

How I got rid of a very bad habit after 20 years

For as long as I can remember, I have been scratching the skin of my fingertips whenever I felt stressed. It destroyed my hands, but it was…

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Bored Minion looking at online webinar

The screen didn’t make you boring, you probably already were

Covid-19 took the world by storm and brought us a tornado of fake news, face masks, facetime and free webinars. Our screen became our only…

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Second hand car salesman danny devito mathilda movie

How to sell a car in one day – 3 lessons in sales

Buying a new car is exciting, joyful, maybe a bit scary, but if you have the funds and an interest in these four wheel metal beauties, an…

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Podcast episode #003: Uncomfortable in front of a camera?

Almost 90% of internet content is video. Social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Youtube and business platforms like…

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how to be funny, marnick holding a banana

How to tell a funny story

One of the most frequently asked questions we get is how to add jokes and humor to a story. Or just simple, how can I be more funny. Now as…

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Business gurus are struggling marnick looking surprised

Business Gurus are struggling

Business gurus worldwide are struggling. The rate of change these days is so high that they can't make Powerpoints, Keynotes or write books…

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Stand Up Talk Podcast Natalie Vandergraesen & Marnick Vandebroek

Podcast Episode #001: How to live and work together with your partner

Being home with the family 24/7, watching the kids and sharing the last toilet paper is great for flattening the Corona-curve, but can also…

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Marnick Vandebroek with toilet paper - leadership communication in times of the corona virus

How to get your team to wash their hands and stop them from sh*tting their pants

The Corona virus affects us all, an invisible enemy that isn’t up for reason or any form of debate. Something no government or business saw…

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Pixar Animation Studios Sadness movie inside out lying down sad

Why setting big goals will get you and your team depressed

Blue Monday, the day of the year we realize a lot of our New Year's resolutions already flew out the window. The day we come to the…

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Thank you logo

How to compliment your team

When we are co-writing or optimizing speeches for team leaders and CEO's, one of the things we focus on is making sure the parts of…

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Marnick Vandebroek how to write a business book

5 tips to start writing your business book

Since the launch of the Stand Up to Stand Out book, expressing yourself in the most powerful way, the two most frequently asked questions…

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